DefineMe® 16 oz Mood Candle

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Glass jar with lid 16 oz Made in small batches in California.

Made with soy/wax blend and the DefineMe signature fragrances.

Vegan and Cruelty-Free

Made in the USA


Clara - Gratitude - Clara inspires a sense of gratitude and grace. Scent Wave... Swell: Blue Violet + Lily. Crest: Hibiscus + Lilac. Break: Powder + Oak Moss.

Sofia Isabel - Free-Spirit - Sofia Isabel's scent wave is mandarin, tangerine, black currant, jasmine, vanilla and sugar.

Payton - Strength - Payton inspires going after dreams with strength and passion. Scent Wave... Swell: Orange Blossom + Petitgrain. Crest: Mimosa + Cassis. Break: Clove Buds + Cocoa.

Delphine - Creativity - Delphine inspires creativity and imagination Scent Wave... Swell: Lilac + Gardenia. Crest: Ylang ylang + Freesia. Break: Coconut + Rosewood.