PM 2.5 Filters for Face Masks - Adult Size - Set of 2

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Will fit in any of the Grace & Lace fabric masks as well as most reusable fabric masks.  Filters are not returnable.

PM2.5 (2.5 micron, particulate matter) 5-Layer, Activated Carbon Filter, 2 pack:
REPLACEMENT INTERVAL: We suggest that you replace the filter after one week of use, when any physical damage occurs to the filter, anytime the filter becomes damp or moist, or anytime you suspect that the filter has been compromised in any way.
Material: non-woven fabric, activated carbon and advanced filter cotton
Item size: 4.72" x 3.14"

This filter is a PM2.5 (2.5 micron, particulate matter) 5-Layer, Activated Carbon Filter, which is used (inside a mask) to protect your mouth and face from dust, haze, allergies, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen, hazardous chemicals and heavy metal particles. Using one of these filters in a suitable mask properly gives you an added layer of protection from the air and airborne particulates in your environment (at or above 2.5 microns), and protects others in your vicinity from your saliva droplets.

This filter WILL NOT filter out particles smaller than 2.5 microns in size, including COVID-19.

Material: spunlaced viscose nonwoven fabric
Item size: 120 90mm / 4.72 3.54in