Laura Ann's Jams® Paloma Pomelo Marmalade

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The tree used to make this marmalade is over 70 years old! Laura Ann uses reposado tequeeela just to help bring out the delish flavor.

Strangely enough, this is the most MILD Marmalade. Super SMOOTH - almost honey-like.

This 2021 batch is just out of this world. A MUST TRY for a marmalade lover in your life. I only make 1 batch each year - so get it while you can.

DRINK SUGGESTION - I suggest mixing a spoon of this with a squeeze of lime juice, more tequeeela (misspelled for social media posting purposes) and maybe some ginger beeer.

CHEESE PLEASING - I would say this would be great with just plain ol' goat or some sheep cheese.

Made in United States of America