Polston & Co® Toxic-Free Waterborne Brilliance Nail Polish

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Kristin & Jared Polston make up Polston & Co, a family-owned and operated business in Pennsylvania. Their nail polish products are manufactured out of an old shoe factory built in 1888 and later used as a textile mill through WWII. The factory sat nearly derelict until they renovated it to make nontoxic, waterborne nail polish. Polston & Co. formulas are created by Jared's father, an accomplished organic chemist who has worked in the field of cosmetic formulation for 20+ years. Jared formerly worked as an industrial engineer, designing and implementing brewing systems for craft brew companies, he now focuses his talents on Polston & Co's manufacturing and color shading. Kristin handles everything else! She is an RN who has worked in Maternal Child Health and holds an advanced certificate as an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant. These days her full-time work is Polston & Co. Together Jared & Kristin are loving life working together in their combined passion of creating a healthier alternative for women in safer nail polish! They bring you a revolutionary waterborne nail polish Brilliance. Brilliance leaves out all of the toxic chemicals and has no harsh odor. It is a truly special product!

Made in the USA.