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Hey everyone! This is Michayla here, checking in from The University of Arizona!  To those of you who might not know me, I started working at Dream during my senior year of high school and stayed for two awesome years! Sadly, I had to move away to Tucson to go to school, but I'll be back for the holidays to be Santa's little helper again... my favorite part!  It's been a busy few of months of school as I travel quite a bit on the show circuit showing my steer.  Life is good!

The best part of working at Dream, besides the Garden Café been just down the way, was meeting all the people! I made some awesome connections and met so many amazing people and families. One of my favorite memories was during Christmas season. There was three of us working at the same time, like little Christmas elves wrapping and selling and cashiering while jamming out to holiday tunes.  It was an absolute blast, and I can't wait for another fun season.  Another great memory was when Joely and I became detectives to find the cash register, but that's a looonnnggg story! 😊

In the next couple of months, make sure to stop in and start your Dream Wish List, so come mid-December, I can help loved ones find the perfect gift for you!  

Dream is full of amazing things, so many that it's hard to pick my favorite, but my top five list is:  The Barefoot Dreams® Calypso Wrap, the 24oz Corkcicle® Tumbler,  The Barefoot Dreams® CC Lite™ Ribbed Throw, the Burlap & Barnwood Parkhill® Candle, and lastly the Jellycat® Crazy Chicken! Now, for any of you college kids reading this right now, the 2 most important things that have helped me more than coffee, are my Corkcicle products and my Calypso Wrap!

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