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It's so very hard to choose new employees with so many great applications crossing my desk, but there are some girls that I just know will fit Dream perfectly with sass, ambition, style and integrity.  I have two new girls to introduce to you, and both were recruited!  This is Rylee 😊 This Yuma girl was born and raised here in Yuma and is currently in high school as well as taking college classes. I was happy that she agreed to put a couple afternoons aside for me at Dream and I hope that she is rewarded with first hand business knowledge as well as great customer relation skills when she heads off to college down the road.

Rylee is done with training and working shifts this week. I asked her a few questions so you could get an idea of just how ambitious this new dream girl is. 😊

Is this your first job? If not, what other jobs have you had?

This is my third job that I've had. Before this, I drove tractors for my dad during the summer and worked at branded salon and boutique.

What about working at Dream are you most looking forward to?

I'm looking forward to the busy holiday season- especially Christmas! I want to wrap gifts and help customers find the perfect gift for others!

When was your first time shopping at Dream Gift Shop? ... and what do you remember about it?

When I go to the garden cafe with my family we always walk through dream to see what's new and maybe pick up a few things that caught our eye. I love the time of year when the garden is open because it brings people downtown during the day and helps to support local businesses around it. Next time you stop by the garden I recommend the southwest quiche, I get it every time!

Do you know where you'd like to go to further your education after high school? ... and what do you plan on studying?

I'm working on trying to figure out my plans for after I graduate, but you'll definitely find me in school!

What your current extra curricular activities?

Right now I am in the gila ridge choir and ffa.  I am a 4-h ambassador, I take college classes, and raise a steer. 

How do you think those activities, such as FFA and 4H, will prepare you for your future?

Groups like FFA and 4-H are great for youth mainly because you get to meet so many new people. It's awesome because so many people in other parts of the country don't have the opportunity or the resources to raise and show an animal-especially in such a supportive community like Yuma. And within these organizations there's groups like ambassadors which is so much fun because you get to read to and teach students who don't have any idea about where their foods come from, other than knowing it came from a grocery store.

What are your favorite items in stock at Dream right now?

Rylee Ott Employee | Dream Gift Shop

Although I've just started working at dream, I already have a wish list started! Some of my favorites are the barefoot dreams cozy chic lite throw, the paddywax candles, and the corkcicles!

Rylee had fun pulling a few of her favorite items together and creating displays for photos. They turned out great! Above, we caught her in a perfect photo with her favorite super soft blanket throw. ♥️


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