Sarah is off to college, once again ♥️

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Sarah! You're heading off to college again! We are going to miss you and your great smile at Dream! Tell us, where are you heading?

Grand Canyon University in Phoenix! I love it! I'm almost done...

GCU! ... what a great school! What are you studying? Do you work while you're there?

Hospitality Management! Yes, my most recent position was as the Hospitality Administrator at the GCU Hotel, a hotel my university owns and operates like any regular hotel. I wore many hats during my time there, but what I loved most, was speaking at various events to guests, potential GCU students, and businesses in the City about GCU's Hospitality Management Program!

What your current extra curricular activities while away at GCU?

I am very active in my church in Paradise Valley, Harvest Bible Chapel.  I attend women's bible study and teach Sunday School!

What about working at Dream are you going to miss most?

I love the environment! The smell, the fun merchandise, the sweet- sometimes challenging -customers. It's a great place to work for creative and customer oriented individuals!

You've worked here on and off for how many years now? What do you feel has changed the most about Dream?

Four years! I think. Dream doesn't change too much which is why people love it, it's very familiar and homey. We have added to our family of brands and are extending our kitchen department! But, all-in-all, Dream's customer service standards and offerings have been nicely upheld.

What are your favorite items in stock at Dream right now?  Let's take a photo of a few of your favorites... you have the best taste and make the most create photos with the products.

Oh my gosh! The Paddywax Library Candle was my first purchase from Dream 5 years ago. The quality is superior!

The Barefoot Dreams blanket was gifted to me as a college gift, and I highly recommend it as a staple for the home, or a meaningful gift for loved ones.

Corkcicle is just so fun! I picked three styles because you need one for the gym, running errands, and hanging around!

Dogeared Jewelry is a great brand known for dainty pieces, but I think this gold plated statement ring could be work every day! It's so opulent and gorgeous!  Plaj Turkish Towels are so popular right now. 

Sarah will be back during the Christmas season to help everyone with their wish lists! It sure is going to be wonderful to have her back in the shop.  

Sarah, take care of yourself and have a great semester! ♥️  This is certainly a bitter-sweet goodbye.



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