Devil Daves® Bloody Mary Rimmer

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Looking for an amazing addition to your Bloody? Try this robust Bacon Bloody Mary rimmer on for size! This sticky and flavorful rimming salt tastes like crispy burnt bacon and barbecue! Savor the sweet smokey flavor as you sip from your favorite Devil Daves Bloody concoction or Michelada!

The salts are Vegan and Gluten-Free as well! Great for any salted rim on a Bloody Mary! We added premium butcher cut pepper, grated flakes of horseradish, burnt bacon, celery seed, cayenne, smoked paprika, and Worcestershire to this blend. It also has a hint of zesty lemon to balance out the sweetness.

The rimmer stays nicely on the rim of your glass and doesn't clump up on your glass or mouth. Give it a try on your Bloody or use it for blackened shrimp! Make a dip - Get crazy with it! Season your brisket or ribs with our BBQ Bacon rimming salt!

4 ounces