Interstate Bait Whole Roasted Sunflower Seeds

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We often get asked how we came up with our brand name…quite often, in fact. Back in 2009 when we were just embarking on this journey of bringing a high quality, premium sunflower seed line to the market, we tried to envision our ideal consumer. A road warrior, an outdoor enthusiast…someone who appreciates quality over quantity. Oh, and we must stand out to get noticed in this super competitive category … Got it! This stream of consciousness led us to the idea that folks like to get out on the open roads of our glorious Interstate Highway system and see this great countryside from behind the wheel. It’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. Roadside gas stations, truck stops, and convenience stores, all beckoning you to stop, are really just strategic bait shops…You get the gas, and then get lured in to the rows and rows of snacks, meant to catch your eye, and satisfy a hunger…The bait! Interstate Bait…

Bloody Mary: Our version of the classic bloody mary. Just the right amounts of tomato, celery salt, and spices. Each bottle is infused with a nice spicy finish from a careful combination of hot red pepper seasoning, and a delightfully bright touch of horseradish. Not your average sunflower seed flavor, and that is a good thing.

Salty Pepper: Our more traditional seed flavor, sure to please those that are a little more timid towards their seasoning preference…a good place to start the flavor experiment.

Simply Salted:  We have been hearing for years how we should just get off of our high spice horse and just offer a simply salted seed. No frills, no additional spices…Well, here you have it…the simply salted seed. Quite good, quite simple.


Big Game Brisket: This savory and mouth-watering seed is an amazing blend of light kick, slightly smoked, and lots of flavors. Reminds you of a juicy steak or brisket rub.

Each Container is 4.6 ounces.  Most large size bags of seeds are 4 ounces.