Kitsch® Self Draining Shower Caddy

Regular price $49.00

Say goodbye to soggy bars! Kitsch Self-Draining Shower Caddy is a must-have for storing your Bottle-Free Beauty collection in style, and the perfect way to maintain your soap & beauty bars!

- Open design has 360° airflow, allowing your bars to dry completely so they last longer

- Ensures your bars stay intact & maintain their shape while avoiding soap dish goop!

- Tiered shelves hold up to 4 bars, keeping your collection organized & chic

- Stainless steel is rustproof & easy to clean

- Self-adhering handle conveniently suctions to your shower wall & includes a dial to activate suction

- Easily removable and re-attachable so you can hang it anywhere and move around as you please

- Stays secure and maintains grip on shower services.