Rose City Pepperheads® Sizzling' Strawberry Pepper Jelly

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Oregon's own Hood Strawberries have been fired up by our own farmed Habanero peppers.

Glaze your salmon, chicken or pork with this tasty sauce. Fantastic on a bagel with cream cheese or make an Adult PB&J. Mix with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a yummy salad dressing. Hands down a favorite mixed in yogurt with granola.

Looking for simple syrup for a strawberry margarita! Muddle 2 Tbs with the juice of 1 lime and lemon and one blood orange and add your favorite tequila. Strain into an iced glass with a Tajin Rim and wait to be blown away!

Simply used on a charcuterie board or over cream cheese with crackers!

12 oz jar

Made in United States of America